Thursday, December 31, 2009

welcome 2010! :)

Good Morning! Its January 1, 2010 and its the start of a new year!

I've been expecting something good, fruitful and prosperous year ahead of me. I should think positive in every little things I'm going to do to help me achieve my goal, ryt? I want to forget the bad memories i had in the year 2009. Those memories that was supposed to be forgotten. That memories that made feel like i was a bull shit in this world. That made me feel like i was the most unlovable creature living on earth. I want to forget those. So, I'm thinking and hoping that this year will be different.

What are my wishes this year?

First of all, my very very wish is to pass all the entrance exam that i took. my very wish to be able to go to my dream school.
Second, To have a good grade this 4th yr hs, i'm graduating student so i must or i should have a better grade than my last year's card.
Third, was to have a good health for myself and for my family and for the continuous blessings to come.
Fourth, to be able to find a happiness from people that surrounded me.
Fifth, To be able not to be hurt again by those persons whom i thought wouldn't hurt and do that to me.
Sixth, for me to realize that i have something within me that others do not have, so i must not be jealous for what they are, who they are and what they can. Because i know that within me i will, i have, i can and i would do all those things whom they thought i cannot do.
Seventh, for the princess to finally found her happily ever after. For the princess to finally found his prince charming.
And most of all, The eight is for my wishes to all come TRUE.

May this year be able to guide me to the path where i can see a better future. I pray that this year to be prosperous to me and all the people in this world. And to all the things that happened last year, maybe this serve as a learnings from each and everyone to be able to face the year 2010 w/ strength and courage. May we live in peace and happiness for a better world.

Welcome 2010!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

before this year ends :)

belated merry christmas and a prosperous new year, readers! :)

This year has been an up and down for me. There was a good times and bad but it doesn't mean that i didn't like this year. I guess I become productive this year to myself. My confidence boost a little more and I learned many things this year, isnt it great? right?

But it will not be complete without the presence of my loved ones.

Special thanks to my Family, whose always there for me. Who treats very very well and for teaching me the right things to do. I love you all!:)

For my friends[esp. JCLAZ-MODESTY-Monday pips], through thick and thin, thank you! For accepting me as who i am. For letting me share my life to all of you. For being a good listener. thanks! i so much learn something from all of you!

For my section this year, IV-Benevolence, a bunch of thanks! For trusting me to be your President, it means a lot to me. For helping me to achieve more w/ all of you. For teaching me the things i should as your classmate, schoolmate and a leader. Thank you!

and to all that become part of my life,

and as i right my last blog this 2009.
i wish that as 2009 works well to me my 2010 will give me more things to thank for :)

love lots,
claui. :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

bakit nga?!

simple realization:

bakit may mga bagay na gusto tayong makuha pero kung tutuusin ay nandyan naman sa tabi mo ang bagay na kailangan mo? bakit kailangan mo pang paghirapan para lang makuha ito? at bakit pag andyan na sayo, darating yung time na sasabihin mo na lang na, "ayaw ko na dito". hindi ito ang gusto ko, "pede bang ibalik yung bagay na andyan sa tabi ko na di ko pinahalagahan?".

narealize ko lang, bakit nga ganun? hanap tayo ng hanap ng mga bagay na magpapasaya sa atin e sa tutuusin nman e andyan lang yun sa tabi-tabi di lang natin pinapansin. bakit kailangan pa nating pahirapan ang sarili natin para lang makuha ito? nakakasakit pa tayo para lang makuha ito pero di natin alam na pede naman na hindi tayo makasakit kung mapapansin lang natin ang mga bagay na sa tingin natin ay di mahalaga pero sya palang magbibigay sa atin ng tunay na kaligayahan.

ganun din daw sa love,
may mahal ka na hindi ka mahal at may nagmamahal sayo na handang ibigay sayo ang lahat pero di mo naman napapansin. bakit nga daw ganun?
bakit hindi na lang yung mahal mo ai mahal ka? bakit kelangan na yung hindi mo gusto ang mahal ka? mahirap pero kailangang tanggapin na may mga bagay na ganun talaga.

siguro nga, kaya yun ginawa ni Lord para marealize natin na hindi lahat ng gusto natin ay nakukuha natin. tinuturuan din tayo na pahalagahan ang mga bagay na meron na tayo at wag ng maghangad pa ng labis.

Friday, November 13, 2009

what if?

Let say, "what if?"

1. what if your the most richest person in the world?
- how can you walk in the streets w/out worries that you will be rob? how can you appreciate your friend when you think that they are only your friends because of your money? how will you be happy if everything you do is just because of your money?

2. what if your the most famous person in the world?
-how can you hangout w/ ur friends when everytime you step out on your house, paparazzi always follows you? how can you be happy if your friend uses you bcoz your famous? how can you be happy?

3. what if you have the most beautiful face?
-how can you face the world w/ full of pride but you know when they asked you about yourself you cannot answer bcoz your hiding something? how can you go out if people are talking about you about those rumors that's not true bcoz of your beauty? how can you be happy if people only appreciate your beauty? how?

4. what if your the smartest person in the world?
-how can you express yourself when all the things that you do always includes mathematical equations, scientific processes, how world was created? etc. how can you be happy when a simple question that uses only common sense, you wasnt able to answer? how?

5. what if you have everything, the fame, the wealth, the beauty and the knowledge?
-yes, you have everything. but will you be happy if that person you truly wish to love you, doesnt love you back? will you be happy if he loves someone else? will you be happy if everything is yours except for his heart? will you be happy waking up in this castle knowing that when you wake up everything is yours except for you prince charming/princess? yes, you have everything but the one who will completes your life, do you have him? is he yours?

** its just what if, but what if it true?
.[ a bloggers world, come and discover ].

Monday, November 2, 2009

masakit :(

nakakasakit na!
i need to accept reality :(
ganun daw tlga e. so how?

is changing will be the answer?
but i dont know how to change. bcoz i think i'm okay,
maybe i dont have the problem.
someone, somebody, them or whoever needs to change and not me.

this feeling will pass.
i hope so.

- tomorrow, i'll be better. :D ].

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

update 1.0

well, its been a while since i've blog here. (again. and again.)

right now, i dont know. i'm so out of my mind. this is wrong! errrr.
i'm supposed to be happy. right? coz there's no reason to be sad. or maybe i'm just pretending that everything is okay. but its a BIG NOOOOO! i'm just making things complicated, its really not complicated naman e. my life is so easy and everything is okay.

i'm not just satisfied w/ wat result na nakita ko about my exams. about people around me and about what? errrr.

this is life!

i'm thinking ahead now, i'm supposed to. coz i only have 4 months to prove myself as a 4th yr student. i'm supposed to give my best shot about the things i'm doing and the things that i will do. this is the last year, and college will be really different.


Friday, September 11, 2009

sweet 16th :D

i turned 16 last september 11,2009.

i woke up at around 5 am na nung day na un. b4 every 3 am or 2 ata e ngigcng ako, but that was different kc mga mg 5 na nga ako ngcng and un i didnt sleep na dhil nga me klase pa ko.
after that, i get my cellphone under my pillow. and i was happy seeing those messages of my friends saying, "happy birthday".
i've been waiting for this day, even though i know that nothing special will happen. i just wanted or this day to come. this was a blessing, another year to cherish pa sana. :))

so after that, i prepared na. and so excited to go to school. weeee. but before that, i go to church and pray and say thank you to JESUS, for this day. dahil di rin naman ako nagmamadali, bnabagalan ko lakad ko. haha. wala lng, birthday ko e. haha. so un, nkarting na ko sa skul.

pnta na ko sa klasrum, habang nglalakad ako. nkaslubong ko cna mica and dugay. ang sabi nila bumalik daw ako, sumama ko sknila. ayaw kcng sbhin kung bkt, e di un. sumama nman ako tas e nkslubong ko cna ej at avvy. tas e me dla c ej na flowers. haha. nax. bgay nina dugay, so un. diretso na sa klasrum,
i was happy that my classmates greeted me and my friends. hindi nila nakalimutan, hehe.
by the way, hulday nga pla kmi niang araw niyan bcoz of our GROWTH SESSION :))

so un na. hapon na, Growth session na namin, akala ko e boring, pero uber saya tlga! ngenjoy ako! as in. basta, this day is soooo saaaayyyyyyaaaaaaa tlga!

slamat sa lahat ng bumati sa aking mga araw na yun! thank you, thank you!
i love you alllllllllll!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

to my dearest PBA :)

i've been thinking for a topic to be discuss in this blog and suddenly, kachat ko sya. so i told her na wala akong maitopic so she suddenly told me na xa na lang. so di n ko ngdalawang isip, its also a birthday gift for my dearest bestfriend. weeee,

Jana Marie Culla
▪ soon to be a sweet 16 yr old teenager, smart, beautiful and a good daughter :)

-- i've known her since i start my highschool,
she's been my friend, barkada, bestfriend, company, my diary, my adviser, and a sister. i can trust her so much, she's been so good to me ever since. i'm so thankful for knowing her and being her friend.

hmm. tagalugin ko na ha? pra lalong meaningful. haha. nakakahiya kc, di nman ako magaling mag-english. alam mo naman un? hahah! love you pba!

itong babae na ito, ai napakabait. as in super tlga! halos lahat ata ng tungkol sa akin ai alam na nito. dahil nga i can super trust her. anu nga? haha. i love the way she laugh! sobrang nakakadala tlga ng tawa nito. luka xa, ako din nman. dga? haha. ayan ha, hehe. isa pa, MATALINO yan! as in di niya pinababayaan ang studies niya kahit me special someone na xa e as in super tutok pa din sa studies. idol nga e! weee. anu pa ga nga? hmmm. haha, ms.iyakin? hehe. di nman mxdo dga? pero ganun na din. hehe. e2 seryoso tlga tong message ko sau.

advance happy happy birthday! thank you for being such a nice friend to me! i had learn so much from you and i hope that kahit konti you learn also from me. i will always be your friend and i'm just right here! thank you for sharing your life to me so greatful tlga, sabay pa rin nating tutuparin mga pangarap natin dga? ARANETA? hahaha! hindi ko tlga yan makakalimutan. love you jana! stay sweet, kind and so lovable!

love lots,

Saturday, September 5, 2009

countdown #2. :)

5 days to go,
and i will be sweet 16 already!

Monday, August 31, 2009

countdown. :)

i do still have a hang over to our retreat.
that retreat was so memorable, so much. i really love it!
i'm so happy w/ bene now! weeeee.

so after the retreat, i'm so happy to start the countdown of my bday.
and now its down to 11!

11 days to go and its my bday.
:) love it.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

retreat :)

august 27-28, 2009
one of the most memorable days in my 4th year life.

it was so memorable, as in super duper.
pasimula pa lng tlga,
to detailed what happened:

usapan namin ay 11 sa skul dahil nga were going to have our lunch together. libre kc ung ulam namin crispy pata from one of our classmate then rice na lang bibilhin namin. tas e ung isa kong kaklc ai nagdala ng softdrinks tas ung isa naman nanlibre ng ice cream. hahaha! so yummy afternoon tlga un,

tas e un na its time for our trip na so dalawang jeep un, so tig'dalawa daw officers bawat jeep. and then lead ng prayer ako, after ng prayer. grabe ang ingay tlga, ahaha. ansya e!

at around almost 3 pm nkratng kmi sa capuchin, lipa. so orientation muna about some guidelines there. so after nun, pnta na sa mga room. 3 person per room me dalawahan ung mga pahuli. my room mate were reianne and jazie and our room is 225 :)

after nun, nagmirienda kami and then as always picture picture kmi. haha.
we do love pictures baby!

hndi ko na maxdo idedetail ung mga ngyri, mxdo kcng mhba. haha! iun, bsta. nung 27 e, nanuod kmi ng movie tas ngconfession tas ngbasa ng sulat. aun,

ahaha. tas 28 na, last daw na. awwww.
we had our mass then ngpicture pra sa souvenir tas we had an activity pa din.
aun lang,

e2 lang tlga mashashare ko.
sobrang saya kasama ang benevolence! hahaha! sarap tumakbo sa my corridor! sarap magtaguan! ahahha!
love you bene!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

excited about our retreat!

i'm always saying this for the past blogs i've made.
i'm a 4th yr student.
so what's about it? hmm. the topic is RETREAT! every 4th yr student in our school and some others too (i guess) will be having their retreat.
were going to have our retreat on august 27-28'09 at Lipa City, Batangas.

i'm so very excited coz i've been hearing different comments about their retreat and their all saying that it was really fun. a totally memorable for a 4th yr student. and you will be able to be so close to your class.
i dont question our closeness right now. Benevolence, my section, was great. its as if we have known each other for a very long time. we easily blend to each other that's why we are so noisy. OMG! it was just AWESOME! haha. i love them na!

so back to my topic,
retreat, i'm so much excited about it. i've already packed my bag as what our adviser told us. we are preparing for it and we really wanted to have a very nice retreat so we must treasure the things that will happen in our much awaited retreat.
we've even decided to have our class tshirt for the retreat. i just hope that all our waiting will be worthy because of what will happen to our retreat. weeee!

** sana maging masaya ako, kami! **

Friday, August 14, 2009

1st pt -- OVER!

our 1st periodical test is over, yey!
mabilis na nman ang takbo ng oras naming 4th yr. start na ng 2nd grading. awww. den 3rd tas 4th tas grgraduate na. wooo. ang bilis!

pero sana tlga maenjoi ko ang 4th yr kko. masaya ako sa mga kaklase ko. haha. tas dmi ring mga new friends. that was nice! hahaha!

ok. seriously tlga, kelangan ko ng mag-aral ng ayos. haha. this is not a just a game, but i should win this one. so un, more powers skin. hehe. goodluck! haha.

2nd grading -- here you come! hehe.

Friday, July 17, 2009

a lost crown but :(

i was still out of my mind right now.
still thinking what went wrong.
still forgetting those stupid things that those persons did to my very beloved team.
and starting a new fresh and good mood of my life..

so i was about to say and express my emotions.

the series of the game of BGK & SMB is a very very nice series but it would be better for me if BGK really won the series. I would congratulate SMB but not with a very humble heart. It was so early to recover in my part as a fan but still congrats to SMB.

from the time the finals start, sinasabi na nila that SMB will won. they have a great line up compared to BGK. even if some of their other key players are not playing they still have that deep line up. on other hand, BGK doesnt have that line up that can compete with SMB but they tried their very best to fight until the end.

BGK was somehow called the underdogs, from the start of the conference who would have guess that Ginebra will be in the finals. Its already a great achievement for the team starting the conference w/ 1-5? W/o Mark Caguioa, Junthy Valenzuela and some players who didn't play at the start of the conference. who would have thought?

They played with their hearts and passion despite those difficulties they have. Having an incomplete line up still able to be in the finals. That was the best part,

For me, as a fan, they will always be the champion. No matter what happen kahit sino pa ang kalaban nila, manalo matalo. GINEBRA LANG ANG MGA HARI!

This is God's will, He never wanted to hurt us but he wanted us to appreciate what he has done. Lets give it up to him, Thank him for giving the opportunity to the team even though they didn't won the final game.

It was a good job for the team despite the fact that they didn't won. Its already enough for me to know that they accomplish something that other teams cant do. A salute to the players and the coaching staff for giving a nice game to everyone.

Until the game begins again,
The team will be in its complete line up and they will bounce back and prove that they are worth calling "THE CHAMPION"!

-- a lost crown but a true winner to my heart and will always be the #1 --

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

- ganito tlga ang buhay^^

i always wonder why life is like this,
people wish for things for them to have and after getting it,
its seems like their still incomplete..

i guess true happiness is not based on whatever you've wish came true but on how you accept things that it was supposed to be..

parang ganto, magiging masaya ka lang kung tatanggapin mong mabuti na masaya ka sa nangyari hndi un na iicpin mo lang na ala may kulang pa hndi pa ko masaya. hndi ganun, kc nasau na nga bkt ka pa hndi mgging masaya?

ganyan ang buhay ngaun,

pero bkit nga ganun no? sometimes you already have everything, if not everything, the things that you want but still when after looking at it for a very long time still not happy the way it goes.. why?

lesson : be contented and happy to what you have and it will surely lead you to a happy life..

Friday, April 10, 2009

life. life. life. :)

its been a while since i've blog here.
aaaa, dont know what's wrong with me for not blogging here more often,

well, now i'm back again to share my thoughts of view about life.

time is passing so fast.
memories should be treasured and remembered.
live your life to the fullest.

so what's about my life now?
yeah, i can say that i'm already a 4th yr student even though i'm not yet enrolled but my report card had been released and i'm 3 days away from being enrolled to the same school i start my education.
isnt it so fast? it was just like i was a kindergarten but now i'm a 4th yr hs student and will eventually study in college, aaaah. life's to fast (its not just i'm thinking ahead but i should).
and this was really life.

i might still be a child in my ways but i know when and where to be mature. i follow what they want and i believe that its best for me so i do believe in them. i'm so hinge na ng hinge sa kanila but, haha. dey dont easily give me what i want coz its too expensive. haha. duh? ganu ga nga nman kamahal ang laptop(sony pa), iphone at kung2. haha. tsk. sooo baddd! i know in time i will have those and i believe that i need to work hard for me to have those things. i sooo love my FAMILY!!!

just like any person in the world. i also do have, but as what my friends and myself do knows about me. i treat every problem just like a piece of cake to eat. haha. ganun nga ata ako, hmm. prang walang problema pero meron din nman, hndi sa hndi ko snsbi o pinapkita. alam ko nmang kaya ko pa kaya ganun. why let others be burden with me or w/ my problem? kaya ko pa. hehe. if not, that's the time i asked for help.
** i, you, & we just need to be strong and most of all have FAITH on HIM(GOD)..

to be continued....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

iii-modesty 08-09

. my former section and will always be part of my highschool life
III-Modesty :)

. we bid goodbye as another school year will start, but as of the moment I, myself, can't just easily forget those days we've shared .

. memories are so much, happy days, sad days and even at the top of your almost falling down they are there .

who are III-MODESTY?

. people from different kind of world? i might say. lols. haha, we have different attitudes that we didnt even realize na magiging okay sa isa't isa .

. may sobrang ingay, magulo, tahimik, madaldal, tawa ng tawa, malakas ang boses, matalino, pasaway, anu pa ba? halos andun na ih. that's the thing i will never forget about my section.

. yeah, maybe we have different groups na nabuo sa section but still when each group combine, kuh. sobrang saya tlga! as in!

. sobrang dming memories ang hinding hindi ko makakalimutan sa section na ito,
kagaya ng:

** first time kong nging officer, president pa. haha. shocked kaya ako!
** pumunta sa unahan sa my flatform at magsermon. haha!
** magsaway ng mga maiingay, mga nakain at mga nagcecellphone.
** pag pingsasabihan kmi ng mga teachers.
** pagpapaayos ng pila tuwing assembly.
** pakikipagchikahan sa katabi ko na prang kalayo layo nia.
** pag lilinis ng classroom.
** ung mga paghinge nila ng candy, powder, pabango.
** pahiram nga nian!
** ung pangaapi nila skin, haha. tinatwanan nila ko, ang liit daw ng kamay ko lahat na daw ai maliit.
** ung mga asaran at kulitan!
** loveteam ng modesty!

**** as in sobrang dmi tlga. huhu,

are lang massbi ko sknilang lahat:

- maraming maraming salamat sa memories we've shared! sobrang happy ako at naging kaklase ko kayo. slmat sa pagluklok bilang president na neun e tpos na, hnding hndi ko un mkklimutan! sa mga tawanan at asaran natin, mamimiss ko un ng sobra sobra!
- sorry sa pagiging pasaway na president. haha, inaamin ko din nman. minsan napakaingay ko. tas un, minsan lng nman un. hehe. sorry sa mga immaturities ko! at kung sa tingin nio e hndi ako nging maayos na leader, sorry!
- i will never forget all of you! i've learned a lot from this section that i will bring and share w/ others! THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF MY JOURNEY! I WILL MISS YOU ALL! I LOVE YOU ALL!

love lots,

Thursday, March 5, 2009

update :))

this is my 1st blog in this month.
its been so long na din since i make my last blog. i thought kc wala akong maiiblog so hndi ako ngbloblog at smahan pa din ng marmi na gngawa at patpos na ang school year. wooo.

yeah, so here it goes. what happened to me this past few days? hmm. the same, i go to school, make my homework, tambay with my friends, go home, and the latest thing i did was to go to my classmates house. haha. no its not the latest, but one of the memorable things happened to me this past few days. oh, i forgot. haha. there's this one incident that make my blood pressure rise. haha. dont want it to be exposed, mejo confidential atska baka mabasa ito nia at sabhing nanakit daw "kami o ako". watever.

i'm fine, i'm doing good. yeah, i should coz this school year is ending so i should end this school year woth a big smile in my face.

i make kwen2 nga pla nung ngpunta ko kina EJ(my classm8 and frends haus).
so she invited us to thier house, dahil mgbbday dad nia and then bagong gawa kwarto nia. so un, we are 14 or 15 i think. lahat mga kaklc ko. aun, we had a very special day that time. haha. i'm so happy.
we went to goldilocks muna to buy a cake for her dad. mga 6 ata kming bumili and then the others our waiting dun sa tagpuan, iun. nung una sumakay kami and then naglakad na. haha. it is so much fun!
after nun, complete na kami so ngpunta na kmi sa knila.
lunch at merienda pinakain smin. we stayed there at around 11 ata until 4:30 pm. an tgal, ryt? hehe. its okay. grabe, ansya tlga. my videoke. eating moment. bonding w/ them sharing those crazy things. awww. i just couldnt forget it. weeee.

isa pa, one of the things that i would regret this school year. awww. we should have our social science educational trip. grabe, i've been waiting for this trip na ih. until this incident happened, i got sick. awwww. ok na ih, sasama na tlga ko. kasama ang monday pips. my classm8s din. tas un, awww. ngkasakit ang lola nio. huhu, grbe, they had fun daw ng sobra, they are updating me nmn what is happening to them kc mgkakatxt kmi nung tym neun. so aun, awww. but still sna mkpunta ko dun ksama sila. hehe.

so e2 pa lng ulit ang ngyayari skin.
weeee. mlpit na nga plang mtpos school year. awww. 4th year na? woooo.
go lng! haha.
til next time.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy heart's day!


its already February 14,2009 ..
it's Valentines day,hehe.
flowers, chocolates, bears, balloons are scattered all over! well, bawat lingon cguro sa mga stores meron. hehe. coz, hndi ako lumabas neung araw na ito khit paxal man lng. awwww. so sad, but its okay. hehe. kaya cguro ang sbi ko. aun,

malamig po ang aking valentines day as always. yeah, hindi nman kc xa magiging hot. haha. alam ko nman un. i'm happy even though its cold! hehe. cguro, next year malamig pa din. ( titingnan ko ito next year. haha. )

for those who are single(like me) : sa ating lahat, wag tayong maging malungkot. ganun tlga ang life. darating ung tamang time for us. we must just wait. madami din nmang nagmamahal sa atin e like families and friends. ryt? so why should we be sad. hehe.
"It will come in time, when the time you didnt search just be patient"

for those who are in a relationship: keep the love burning! respect your other half. learn how to understand each other. accept him/her with all your heart. be contented and satisfied to one another,
"Treasure your loved one"


Sunday, February 8, 2009

its me, and no other :)

claudeth nicole a. mercado is my full friends used to call me claudeth, claui but my family used to call me as maalin na lng jan ang itwag nio skin. :)

i turned 15 last SEPTEMBER 11,

i'm a 3rd year hs student of saint bridget former sections was I-Peace,II-Fortitude and now my section is III-Modesty.

ako ang tipo ng tao na:

madaling mapatawa. sobra, as in tlga. haha. masayahin kc,nakakatawa daw akong tumawa, pero stingin ko namn ay hndi mxdo konti lamang. hehe.
iyakin din ako. sobrang dali kcng matouch, iyan tuloi. hehe.

friendly, yep. super. kc kung hindi nman stingin ko e wla akong friends neun.masaya kc akong ksma ang mga friends ko. mahal ko sila.
mahiyain at 1st pero pgnkilala mo na ko. hindi na, ganun ako. haha.

mataray daw ako? hmm. hindi naman mxdo. konti lng din. hihi.
pero mabait naman ako. pg mabait ka nga lang, hehe. jokes. mabait namn,

makulit po ako, aun. aminado ako. sobra! haha.

minsan nagging prangka ako sa tao. minsan nga lng,
madali akong mainis. hehe, in short pikon. kaso e pag inaasar lang po ako. pero din i'm just/fair naman me.

mahal ko :

i love my family so much! i love my friends! no words can say how much. thankful at anjan cla for me.

i'm so addicted to SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! weeee. i lurve him so much. ang cute nia e!sobrang appreciated ung mga bagay na spongebob skin. haha, :)

isa pa ito, basketball is not just for boys its for everyone. haha, i'm not playing,but i'm watching it. the game is so enjoying, that's why i love watching it especiallykung PBA na atska BARANGAY GINEBRA KINGS ang naglalaro. hehe, :0 adik ga?

adik daw ako ke MARK ANTHONY CAGUIOA? OO. haha. wla, khit anung sbhin nila. maka'MC47 po ako. kaya ko nga ngus2han ang #47 dhl nia.

i love my gadgets so much. kso minsan pbaya ako. huhu, atleast i'm taking care of thempa din naman. hehe. :)

mahilig din akong magdrawing before and sa ngayon ai pingpapatuloi ko iun. masarap magdrawing,

nagigitara din ako, khit papano marunong ako ng kaunti. aun, hehe.

ayaw ko:

sa mga taong, nangiiwan sa ere. ikaw kya iwan?dga?maskit.
sa mga plastic,
sa mga backstabber/backfighter
sa mga di tumutupad sa kanilang sinasbi (paminsan lang pag di valid ung reason).
ayoko sa ipis! sobra. wushu, hate it so much.

* kung gusto nio pa ko makilala. be friends w/ me. * haha. :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

why is this happening?

why is this happening?
why does i feel that everything is against me? errrrrr. i hate this feeling,

nakakaasar tlga. kc my mga bagay tlga na kahit anung gustuhin mo ai hindi tlga mapapasayo. dga? oo nga, kaya mo nman. pero hindi tlga pra sayo. hai,

tapos e my mga bagay ngang npapasayo pero hindi mo naman gusto. bkit kaya ganun? sobrang contrast and life. *sigh*

errrrr. wla lng akong mapagsabihan kaya maibuhos nga dine sa blog. kuh po, hindi kc ako ngmumura dito sa mga place na ganto and even sa real life, you will often here me say bad words ang mrrinig mo lng skin e ung popular na tang* tas engo*.. ayan lng mlimit kong sinsbi,

huhuhuh. alam ko nmang my better plan c God. hai, ako lang itong hindi makapaghintay. alam ko ding my mga bagay na gusto ko ay di mapapsaakin dahil my mas magandang ibbgay c God para skin.

tpos ako lang nman itong bad na naiinis , pero sa totoo lang wla dpat ikainis.
errrr. sana maging okay na tlga ko. sana.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

wala lamang ^^,

ayun, so tomorrow is Feb. 6, 2009 and we dont have classes tomorrow..
yey! so happy, makakpagpahinga din. pero gusto kong gumala. waaaaaaaah. want to go to mall! haha. dernnnnnn. tska, pumxal kung san. tambay sa bahay lang ako plge e. huhu.
so, kelangan kong maging masipag magblog kc nakakatmad naman ih. haha.
ulit. ulit.
nakakapagod naman. alam naman nila iyon, pasaway mga kaklase kong iyon. haha. alam nila un, aminado pa nga ata. pwes isa din kc akong pasaway b4, ayan tuloi. hehe.
but still my coOFFICERS are helping me naman para magsaway sa mga kaklase ko.
kabilis nga lang tlga ng panahon. well,
i'll be a 4th year soon? I HOPE SO!
sana tlaga. ang hrap na kc ng pingdaanan neung 3rd year tpos syang tuition fee. kamahal e. hehe.
ayun, sana din matuloi plan sa skul na naka'aircon ang mga room ng 4th year. *SANA*
wla lng, gawa ko lang iyan. haha.
bsta, aral lang ng mabuti iun. ^^
*Advance Happy Heart's Day!*
* it's not yet my time, God has a better plan for me. a true and lasting love story. and i believe in Him. *

Saturday, January 31, 2009


so here it comes, the last grading for the school year 2008-2009

it was just less than 2 months na lang kaming magkakasama ng Modesty. and as usual ngaun ko pa lang din lalong nararamdaman ang pagmamahal ko sa kanilang lahat. awwww.

nung una kong malaman na ang section ko ay Modesty, hmm. sbi ko ay okay lng dahil kaklc ko nman ung 2 kong bestfriend pero my something dahil my nkita kong mga kaklc ko na nging kaklc ko na b4 na mgulo. pero nung ngtagal skin, okay na okay na tlga. wla ung feeling na ang sarap nilang ksma. basta, masaya.

first time kong nging officer. and waaah, President pa agad sa section na ito. i expect a lot from myself syempre dpat tulungan. naramdaman ko un, sobra. aun. haha. supportive din naman iba kong kaklc.

hindi naman nga tlga maiiwasan sa isang section ang mag'ingay, kaya minsan hindi ko sila sinasaway pero pag as in sobrang ingay na. naku, sisigaw na agad ako. sabay taas kilay, hehe. aun un e. memorable xa skin, dhil nging strict tlga ko. tas nbwasan din pgging maingay ko pero maingay pa din.

nakakatuwa lang din ang mga kaklc ko dahil nakikinig din nman sila pag alam nilang aun, sumisigaw na ko. w/ matching taas kilay. hehe.

* Being a 3rd year student as what others keep on saying na sobrang hirap nga daw. yeah, i guess mahirap nga xa and the fact pa na my responsibilidad ka pang iba ay lalong mahirap. kaya sobrang akong masaya sa section ko na ito. This section is sobrang memorable. I love being with this section, w/ my friends, and my teachers. This was one of the sections i loved. and definitely when the school year ends, no doubt........


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

thank GOD :)

wehoooo. so aun, neun ko lng ibablog result ng exams ko. haha. tintmad kc akong mgblog, yan mhrap skin e. pgncmulan ko di ko mtapostpos. haha. can someone help me w/ that? lols.

so here it is, yeah. i passed all the exams not nerely all coz 2 or 3 subjects na lng ang di pa naibbgay but the 5 subjects that already given is the result was i PASSED. haha.
but i guess that i still and should improve it more.
dont want to tell my scores e. but still i passed it all, haha.

so aun, naman. hahah.

what's the latest?

wla nmang bago. haha, am i ryt?
lol. so there's a friend of mine who's friend is wla lng. haha.

sa skul na lng.
eun, my student teacher kmi this week.
masya(siguro) xang experience.
kc maiiexperience mong maging teacher.
besides, you will learn how to make a lesson plans, make your quizzes, make visual aids. and many more that the teacher only does.

iba kc ung experience nun. sa tingin ko,
hmm. some of my classmate wanted also to be a student teacher next school year..
well, me? oh. hmm. i want to try it but. i'm so nervous when its comes w/ those kinds of works. errr. nhihiya akong mgturo. haha. magreport na nga lng kinakabahan na ako e mgturo pa kaya sa mga kaschoolmate ko. hehe,
so, un lng nman ang opinyon ko duon e. hehe.

until my next blog.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

here i am again :)

i'm back.
exams are all done.

we will just wait for the result of the exams.
omg! *sana makapasa ako*

wish ko naman iun, sana tlga.
masayang masaya ako pag nangyri iun. ehhe.

so here i comes.
i'm back again.
kahit wala akong sasabihin sa blog ko.

lhat na ng nasa icp ko e ssbhin ko. lahat na,
wla lng.

tamad ako. as usual. haha.

xa cge,
bukas na lng ulit. harhar.


Saturday, January 17, 2009


here it comes, our 3rd periodical test
the challenge of taking all those lessons you've learn in the quarter and to pass the exam.

awwww. it will be taken for 3 days and 3 exams a day of 1 hour and half in major subjects.
ouch, my headaches so much.

i have to study hard for this upcoming exam. i need to pass all the test because errrrrr. absolutely i need it. so many reasons i have to do that, of course no one wants to fail, right? especially, i made a promise to myself that i will do my best. omg, if not. terribly i have a consequence to deal w/.

no computer
no cellphone
no psp
no ipod
no everything

errrrrr. i will definitely follow it if i got really really low grades.

and of course if i got a good grade.
i've got something. haha. lols,

so i have to say a farewell goodbye for a moment.
i will not use my computer for about 4 days i think.
yeah, i need to concentrate.

so bbye, till my next blog.

--- nica ---

Thursday, January 15, 2009


i made this last december 2k8..
neun ko lng xa maiipost, hehe.
atska animated dpat xa mas ayos din pganimated kso di ata pd iupload. kea aun,
gusto nio ng copy nung animated? hehe. gus2 ko sna pkita kso di ko lam saan. :)

slmat sa npgkuhanan ko nung logo ng bgk. hehe,
tas edit na sa photoshop.


princess47.08 a.k.a nica

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


so i'm here again.
as what i've promised to myself i will try to enhance my blogging career. haha. lols.
i'm a trying hard blogger. i admit it. but i'm not a copier. i make my own. so i'm glad for it.

today, another day which is like another day that passed just an ordinary day to me. oh, its not ordinary.
coz. coz. coz. coz. coz.

I'm Lost! I don't know. errrrrrrrr. What's Happening Right Now?

i'm not in the mood for today.
what do you think is wrong?


i'll blog again tomorrow or the day tomorrow.
if i'm in the mood.

bye guys,
adios amigos!

Monday, January 12, 2009

its a matter of time :/


moving on..

letting go..

its all a matter of time and choice..
people choose to forget someone or something when they know it should be. forget when your hurting, forget when you know it was so long already, forget its all your choice.

move on when you know its over, move on..

let go if you think it will never work out anymore..

its the combination. we people must do and learn.

i just wanted to share this kind of words. so, here it goes back to my real topic..

errrrr. so i'm addicted to it. i can get over easily with what happened last night, my favorite team lost against the smb. which they almost had their chance to win the game. i can't forget that easily, no i cant. its a matter of time and choice. and i dont know when it is. errrrr. haha. lols. the pain is still there, am i right bgk fans and jamships? ouch. it hurts. but we have to accept the fact. oh well. i, we should. God have a better plan for the team and i believe in that.

my last question for myself is, kelan ako mgstop being bitter to those persons? haha. joke lng po. tawa mu na ako. I'm kind naman e. its a game of course, i know. hehe. I dont criticize persons easily but when i'm mad be sure and be ready. haha. okay i'll stop now.