Thursday, March 5, 2009

update :))

this is my 1st blog in this month.
its been so long na din since i make my last blog. i thought kc wala akong maiiblog so hndi ako ngbloblog at smahan pa din ng marmi na gngawa at patpos na ang school year. wooo.

yeah, so here it goes. what happened to me this past few days? hmm. the same, i go to school, make my homework, tambay with my friends, go home, and the latest thing i did was to go to my classmates house. haha. no its not the latest, but one of the memorable things happened to me this past few days. oh, i forgot. haha. there's this one incident that make my blood pressure rise. haha. dont want it to be exposed, mejo confidential atska baka mabasa ito nia at sabhing nanakit daw "kami o ako". watever.

i'm fine, i'm doing good. yeah, i should coz this school year is ending so i should end this school year woth a big smile in my face.

i make kwen2 nga pla nung ngpunta ko kina EJ(my classm8 and frends haus).
so she invited us to thier house, dahil mgbbday dad nia and then bagong gawa kwarto nia. so un, we are 14 or 15 i think. lahat mga kaklc ko. aun, we had a very special day that time. haha. i'm so happy.
we went to goldilocks muna to buy a cake for her dad. mga 6 ata kming bumili and then the others our waiting dun sa tagpuan, iun. nung una sumakay kami and then naglakad na. haha. it is so much fun!
after nun, complete na kami so ngpunta na kmi sa knila.
lunch at merienda pinakain smin. we stayed there at around 11 ata until 4:30 pm. an tgal, ryt? hehe. its okay. grabe, ansya tlga. my videoke. eating moment. bonding w/ them sharing those crazy things. awww. i just couldnt forget it. weeee.

isa pa, one of the things that i would regret this school year. awww. we should have our social science educational trip. grabe, i've been waiting for this trip na ih. until this incident happened, i got sick. awwww. ok na ih, sasama na tlga ko. kasama ang monday pips. my classm8s din. tas un, awww. ngkasakit ang lola nio. huhu, grbe, they had fun daw ng sobra, they are updating me nmn what is happening to them kc mgkakatxt kmi nung tym neun. so aun, awww. but still sna mkpunta ko dun ksama sila. hehe.

so e2 pa lng ulit ang ngyayari skin.
weeee. mlpit na nga plang mtpos school year. awww. 4th year na? woooo.
go lng! haha.
til next time.

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