Friday, July 17, 2009

a lost crown but :(

i was still out of my mind right now.
still thinking what went wrong.
still forgetting those stupid things that those persons did to my very beloved team.
and starting a new fresh and good mood of my life..

so i was about to say and express my emotions.

the series of the game of BGK & SMB is a very very nice series but it would be better for me if BGK really won the series. I would congratulate SMB but not with a very humble heart. It was so early to recover in my part as a fan but still congrats to SMB.

from the time the finals start, sinasabi na nila that SMB will won. they have a great line up compared to BGK. even if some of their other key players are not playing they still have that deep line up. on other hand, BGK doesnt have that line up that can compete with SMB but they tried their very best to fight until the end.

BGK was somehow called the underdogs, from the start of the conference who would have guess that Ginebra will be in the finals. Its already a great achievement for the team starting the conference w/ 1-5? W/o Mark Caguioa, Junthy Valenzuela and some players who didn't play at the start of the conference. who would have thought?

They played with their hearts and passion despite those difficulties they have. Having an incomplete line up still able to be in the finals. That was the best part,

For me, as a fan, they will always be the champion. No matter what happen kahit sino pa ang kalaban nila, manalo matalo. GINEBRA LANG ANG MGA HARI!

This is God's will, He never wanted to hurt us but he wanted us to appreciate what he has done. Lets give it up to him, Thank him for giving the opportunity to the team even though they didn't won the final game.

It was a good job for the team despite the fact that they didn't won. Its already enough for me to know that they accomplish something that other teams cant do. A salute to the players and the coaching staff for giving a nice game to everyone.

Until the game begins again,
The team will be in its complete line up and they will bounce back and prove that they are worth calling "THE CHAMPION"!

-- a lost crown but a true winner to my heart and will always be the #1 --