Thursday, October 30, 2008


FORTITUDE 2007-2008

-- my former section,
-- my family,

"The Best Things about my 2nd year life is being with THEM"

-- kalukahan,
-- kachikahan,
-- kabaitan,
-- tawanan,
-- lokohan,
-- asaran,
-- sama-samang pag-aaral pg my test,
-- malakas na tawanan,
-- magandang presentation,
-- tulungan ng bwat isa,

.at kung anu2 pa,

.i dont know how to described the bonding we had.
.the memories we shared.
.the times we almost give up on each other but most of it is the time where nobody give up.

.feelings i cant explain whenever i'm with them: mixed emotions? or too much happiness?
i might say .. both,

.times where it seems that you have no burden bcoz you are with them, that's what i am feeling whenever i'm with them.

today, october 30,2008

we just had our reunion but unfortunately. hindi ako pinayagan that's why i wasnt able to join them. woooo. it was a super missed opportunniy.

they super enjoyed this wonderful day! and me? i super missed it. waaaah. maybe, next time, really i can go with them. i hope so!

super enjoy silang lahat! grabe.. *inggit mode ako sknila* they super duper enjoyed every minutes passed w/ this day.

i missed them so much! i love fortitude!
take care and God Bless!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

first post^^

hmmm. this is my first post and i dont know what to say..

as always, i'm so speechless for the 1st tym but soon i will get used to it..

the question now, is why did i made this blog? hmm. i made this for fun. i want to share my thoughts. my insights to everyone. and i wanna try to be a "blogger" ..

so i told myself, why not give it a try?right?

weeee. but i hope that i really enjoy blogging and blogging 'coz i know how fun it is. yeah,

so i'm so ready to try this one. weeee.

so long,

yours truly,
-- nica^^