Saturday, January 31, 2009


so here it comes, the last grading for the school year 2008-2009

it was just less than 2 months na lang kaming magkakasama ng Modesty. and as usual ngaun ko pa lang din lalong nararamdaman ang pagmamahal ko sa kanilang lahat. awwww.

nung una kong malaman na ang section ko ay Modesty, hmm. sbi ko ay okay lng dahil kaklc ko nman ung 2 kong bestfriend pero my something dahil my nkita kong mga kaklc ko na nging kaklc ko na b4 na mgulo. pero nung ngtagal skin, okay na okay na tlga. wla ung feeling na ang sarap nilang ksma. basta, masaya.

first time kong nging officer. and waaah, President pa agad sa section na ito. i expect a lot from myself syempre dpat tulungan. naramdaman ko un, sobra. aun. haha. supportive din naman iba kong kaklc.

hindi naman nga tlga maiiwasan sa isang section ang mag'ingay, kaya minsan hindi ko sila sinasaway pero pag as in sobrang ingay na. naku, sisigaw na agad ako. sabay taas kilay, hehe. aun un e. memorable xa skin, dhil nging strict tlga ko. tas nbwasan din pgging maingay ko pero maingay pa din.

nakakatuwa lang din ang mga kaklc ko dahil nakikinig din nman sila pag alam nilang aun, sumisigaw na ko. w/ matching taas kilay. hehe.

* Being a 3rd year student as what others keep on saying na sobrang hirap nga daw. yeah, i guess mahirap nga xa and the fact pa na my responsibilidad ka pang iba ay lalong mahirap. kaya sobrang akong masaya sa section ko na ito. This section is sobrang memorable. I love being with this section, w/ my friends, and my teachers. This was one of the sections i loved. and definitely when the school year ends, no doubt........


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

thank GOD :)

wehoooo. so aun, neun ko lng ibablog result ng exams ko. haha. tintmad kc akong mgblog, yan mhrap skin e. pgncmulan ko di ko mtapostpos. haha. can someone help me w/ that? lols.

so here it is, yeah. i passed all the exams not nerely all coz 2 or 3 subjects na lng ang di pa naibbgay but the 5 subjects that already given is the result was i PASSED. haha.
but i guess that i still and should improve it more.
dont want to tell my scores e. but still i passed it all, haha.

so aun, naman. hahah.

what's the latest?

wla nmang bago. haha, am i ryt?
lol. so there's a friend of mine who's friend is wla lng. haha.

sa skul na lng.
eun, my student teacher kmi this week.
masya(siguro) xang experience.
kc maiiexperience mong maging teacher.
besides, you will learn how to make a lesson plans, make your quizzes, make visual aids. and many more that the teacher only does.

iba kc ung experience nun. sa tingin ko,
hmm. some of my classmate wanted also to be a student teacher next school year..
well, me? oh. hmm. i want to try it but. i'm so nervous when its comes w/ those kinds of works. errr. nhihiya akong mgturo. haha. magreport na nga lng kinakabahan na ako e mgturo pa kaya sa mga kaschoolmate ko. hehe,
so, un lng nman ang opinyon ko duon e. hehe.

until my next blog.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

here i am again :)

i'm back.
exams are all done.

we will just wait for the result of the exams.
omg! *sana makapasa ako*

wish ko naman iun, sana tlga.
masayang masaya ako pag nangyri iun. ehhe.

so here i comes.
i'm back again.
kahit wala akong sasabihin sa blog ko.

lhat na ng nasa icp ko e ssbhin ko. lahat na,
wla lng.

tamad ako. as usual. haha.

xa cge,
bukas na lng ulit. harhar.


Saturday, January 17, 2009


here it comes, our 3rd periodical test
the challenge of taking all those lessons you've learn in the quarter and to pass the exam.

awwww. it will be taken for 3 days and 3 exams a day of 1 hour and half in major subjects.
ouch, my headaches so much.

i have to study hard for this upcoming exam. i need to pass all the test because errrrrr. absolutely i need it. so many reasons i have to do that, of course no one wants to fail, right? especially, i made a promise to myself that i will do my best. omg, if not. terribly i have a consequence to deal w/.

no computer
no cellphone
no psp
no ipod
no everything

errrrrr. i will definitely follow it if i got really really low grades.

and of course if i got a good grade.
i've got something. haha. lols,

so i have to say a farewell goodbye for a moment.
i will not use my computer for about 4 days i think.
yeah, i need to concentrate.

so bbye, till my next blog.

--- nica ---

Thursday, January 15, 2009


i made this last december 2k8..
neun ko lng xa maiipost, hehe.
atska animated dpat xa mas ayos din pganimated kso di ata pd iupload. kea aun,
gusto nio ng copy nung animated? hehe. gus2 ko sna pkita kso di ko lam saan. :)

slmat sa npgkuhanan ko nung logo ng bgk. hehe,
tas edit na sa photoshop.


princess47.08 a.k.a nica

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


so i'm here again.
as what i've promised to myself i will try to enhance my blogging career. haha. lols.
i'm a trying hard blogger. i admit it. but i'm not a copier. i make my own. so i'm glad for it.

today, another day which is like another day that passed just an ordinary day to me. oh, its not ordinary.
coz. coz. coz. coz. coz.

I'm Lost! I don't know. errrrrrrrr. What's Happening Right Now?

i'm not in the mood for today.
what do you think is wrong?


i'll blog again tomorrow or the day tomorrow.
if i'm in the mood.

bye guys,
adios amigos!

Monday, January 12, 2009

its a matter of time :/


moving on..

letting go..

its all a matter of time and choice..
people choose to forget someone or something when they know it should be. forget when your hurting, forget when you know it was so long already, forget its all your choice.

move on when you know its over, move on..

let go if you think it will never work out anymore..

its the combination. we people must do and learn.

i just wanted to share this kind of words. so, here it goes back to my real topic..

errrrr. so i'm addicted to it. i can get over easily with what happened last night, my favorite team lost against the smb. which they almost had their chance to win the game. i can't forget that easily, no i cant. its a matter of time and choice. and i dont know when it is. errrrr. haha. lols. the pain is still there, am i right bgk fans and jamships? ouch. it hurts. but we have to accept the fact. oh well. i, we should. God have a better plan for the team and i believe in that.

my last question for myself is, kelan ako mgstop being bitter to those persons? haha. joke lng po. tawa mu na ako. I'm kind naman e. its a game of course, i know. hehe. I dont criticize persons easily but when i'm mad be sure and be ready. haha. okay i'll stop now.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

their still the champion:)

another story woke me up and make me realize this is reality. i have to accept the fact that things will not always go on what a person wants. it will always have the things that will hurt you to let you know or will wake you up that things will hurt when its not meant for you.
[ base on personal experience ]

ouch. i have to say this not just what happened to my favorite team. its just its also for the things that happened to me..

so back to my real topic.
this day, January 11,2009 a game between Barangay Ginebra Kings vs. San Miguel Beermen at around 6'o clock pm. The series is tied at 1-1 so its a do or die match,

one will go on to the next level and another will stop and go home to wait for the next conference.

to make the story 1st a little shorter,
First Half - The most highlight play that happened is that Olsen Racela was ejected after giving the flagrant foul penalty 2 on Jayjay Helterbrand. A big shock on the whole San Miguel ( i guess). So Ginebra, take advantage to the loss of Racela. They take the first half and did not give San Miguel a chance to lead. Ginebra was hot in outside shooting. Whenever they will shoot at 3pts in every corner, there will always be a shot that will enter whenever they will shoot.

Second Half - At the start still Ginebra take the lead, they lead as much as 21 big pts. But their outside shooting that almost killed the San Miguel gets cold. When the 4th quarter comes San Miguel get the chance to make the lead in a single digit. They had a great comeback on the Ginebra Kings. The game gets so tight that both teams must shoot every possesion they had. Ginebra due to the turnovers and the shots thats not falling, San Miguel bounce back in the last 3 minute and when the last 2 minutes comes they had a 5 pts lead. But still Ginebra didnt stop they continue and fight but still San Miguel won.


even this game means that this is the end of another series in the Philippine Cup but still doesnt mean its the end coz we all know that there is still another conference that will come.

I definitely salute each and every member of the team, even if the team is not complete you still give your best shots and got into the quarterfinals. its a big thing.

I saw the hardships that u've overcome and definitely i dont care what other people will tell about the team, All i know is that i love this team due to the spirit i found them. I saw the passion and the love you have in the game basketball. I saw the heart whenver you will play against any team.

The Never Say Die spirit you have is different from all others.
I will always be your fan and I will always consider you as a CHAMPION!
Ginebra will always be a CHAMPION!

I will wait for the next conference to see the complete line-up. The strong and a healthy line-up each and every fan waited. I will wait for the comeback of Mark "The Spark" Caguioa, your scoring punch I misses a lot.

I will definitely miss Barangay Ginebra for a moment. Because I know that you will always comeback and make a difference. GINEBRA, the crowd darling favorite. the most loved by the fans. The never say die attitude. Will definitely miss by the fans.

a forever ginebra fan,

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Qoutes #2

Tagalog Qoutes:

mhrap magmahal ng taong d syo

mssktan ka, kht di dpat

iiyak ka, kht d kau!

pro hgit na mskit na lam mong
mhal ka rin nia..

pro wlang pgkktaon pra mhalin
nio ang isat1..

mskt sktan ang mnmhal
lalo na kung di mo cnsdya..
gus2hn mo mang i2wid ang lahat
ng pagkkmali mo..
tska mo lng mallman na
huli na pla..


lam moh hrap pg nwla
yang mahal mo

mskit, nkkmis..
bkt ganun noh?

pgktpos ng saya..
dadating dn ung time na iiwan
ka nia dun pa sa part na

sobrang mahal mo na xa..

to be continued...

Qoute Part 1

Friday, January 2, 2009

Text Qoutes

- mga forwarded text qoutes sa akin, i feel like sharing ang gaganda kasi. tnx sa mga nagagawa nito -

Love Qoutes (English):

Letting go of sum1 u luv is not easy,
but there are tyms dat u need 2 give way..
let go..
not bcoz u wanted dat way,
but bcoz its more painful
2 hang on & w8 for nothing..

Love is much like a
you take the risk,
face the pain,
and yet plce it in a special part of you.
and when the time comes
that you need to erase it,
you have to endure again the pain and realize
that it will forever leave a scar that will always
remind you,
that you once had a tattoo.
a tattoo that for sometime symbolized
something so speacial..

"i can always take care of myself,
but still, i want to meet the person who
can prove to me that

i can't.."

Its easy to answer the questions..

"are you happy with me?"

"am i important to you?"

"do you love me?"

but it gets hard when we ask..

"until WHEN?"

as you dance,
you feel tired.

it only means you gave your best..

just like in love,
when toy feel tires of loving..

it only means you gave your best..

"I dont need someone whose perfect.
All i need is someonge, doing nothing..
and yet,

keeps me fallin.."

Maybe people need to be numb at times..

its like a defibrilator thats shocks the
heart to stop for a while..

2 give it a chance to beat again..


on its own..

There are two things every woman
wants to know about her man:

"First - That her man really loves her.

Second - That he's never going to stop."

"If he ask me how many times he entered my mind,
i'd be lying if i say many, coz he entered only once..

since then..

... he never came out"

"waiting for the right time may not always
be the smart thing to do..

bcoz sometimes,

the wrong moment could be the most perfect of all."

is very easy..

is a challenge..

is the hardest part..


is a damn suicide..

its so easy to lay down your heart to someone
you feel you're falling for..

what's hard is when they pick it up

and give it back to you..

dont overuse your heart
trying to look for the one you think
you deserve..

you should save the best part of you
for the person who deserves you,
someone who came the time you

didnt search..

its funny how someone
can break your heart into a
million pieces..

and yet you still love that person

with all the little pieces

its so much easier to say
that you dont love sum1

than to try to explain to every1
all the reasons why

you still do..

you have to let go
wen u feel your hurting too much..

you have to give up
wen luv isnt enuf..

you have to move on
wen things aint like b4..

coz for sure

drs sum1 out der
hul luv u even more! ..

they say past is past..

we need to move on

2 see the future..


how can we move on?

wen r past is the only things

we ever wanted in

the future?

Thursday, January 1, 2009



(001) Your gender: Female

(002) Straight/gay/bi?: straight

(003) Single?: yes,

(004) Want to be?: a better person..

(005) Age?: 15

(006) Age you wish you were: 18 lols.

(009) The color of your eyes: brownish

(010) Piercings: dont have..

(012) Tattoos: wla rin e..


(013) Smoke: nope,

(015) Read the newspaper: yep..

(017) Talk to strangers who IM you: yep..

(018) Take walks in the rain: yep..

(019) Drive: nope..

(020) Like to drive fast?: if i woluld given a chance, nope.

(021) Hurt yourself: why should i?terribly noooo.


(022) Been out of the country: yep, and i want to go back there.

(023) Been in love: that's not love. nope,

(024) Done drugs: ewwwwww. noooooo,

(025) Gone skinny dipping: nope.

(026) Had a surgery: nope.

(027) Ran away from home: almost, but not quite. lols.

(028) Played strip poker: nope. dont even know how.

(029) Gotten beat up: nope,

(031) Been on stage: yep.

(032) Slept outdoors: not in our house? yep. yep.

(034) Pulled an all-nighter: nope.

(036) Talked on the phone all night: noooo..

(038) Slept all day: nooo..

(039) Killed someone: nooooo. i will nver do that,

(040) Made out with a stranger: nope..

(041) Had sex with a stranger?: nooooooo. ewwwww.

(042) Kissed the same sex: on cheeks..

(043) Done anything sexual with the same sex? none..

(044) Been betrayed: yes, ouch.

(045)Broken the law: family law?school law?haha. i think.

(047) Been on radio/tv: yeah, whenever were watching the video record.

(048) Been in a mosh-pit: nope.

(049) Had a nervous breakdown: nope.

(050) Been criticized about your sexual performance: nope.

(051) Had a dream that kept coming back: yeah?

(052) Favorite shoe brand?: dont have fave..

(053) Favorite music: as of the moment, hanging by a moment, far away, love story, bye bye.

(054) Wear hats: nope.

(055) Judged other people by their clothing: noooo.

(057) Are you trendy: slight,


(058) Life on other planets: sometimes. haha. lols,

(059) Miracles: its questionable, if i see it. i will.

(060) Astrology: slight.

(061) Magic: nooo. the magic i only believe in is the magic of LOVE

(062) God: YES, of course.

(063) Love: yeah,

(064) Ghost: yes.

(065) Rebirth: nope.

(066) Love at first sight: nope.

(067) Ying and Yang?: nope. sorry.

(068) Witches: nope..

(069) The Easter Bunny: nopee..

(071) Do you consider love a mistake: no.

(072) What do you find romantic: you are in a beach w/ sum1, holding hands, and the watch the sunset. awww.

(074) Turn-offs: bad attitudes..

(075) Do you base your judgement on looks alone: nope.

(076) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone and physically unattracted?: i think.

(077) What is best about the opposite sex?: attitude.

(078) What is the last present someone got you?: last present that i gave? money. in my inaanak. haha.

(079) Do you like/love someone?: yes, only like but not love.


(080) That you laughed at: my cousins..

(081) That laughed at you: my tita..

(082) That turned you on: a friend, c ano. lols. kidding,

(082.5) That kissed you: lola..

(083) That you went shopping with : tita..

(084) To disappoint you: c ano din. lols,

(085) To make you cry: yung sa tv. awww.

(086) To brighten up your day: family. friends.

(087) You saw a movie with: tita martha and couz steven.

(088) You talked to on the phone: mama and papa..

(090) You talked to on text message: forgot who,

(091) Your best friend(s): Yeye, Grace, SECRETS, JCLAZ

(092) Smiled: me. lols.

(093) Laughed: ako huli tumawa. haha. see?

(094) Cried: ung nasa tv.

(095) Bought something: my couz, i ask her.

(096) Danced: cousin,

(097) Who is your crush: pba? Mark Caguioa. yeah,

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Happy New Year!

1st post for the year 2009 :)

*i should blog this yesterday e, but our family had a party so i decided to blog it today 01/02/09* weee..

back to my topic..
Happy New Year! Happy Happy New Year! Happy New Life!

Goodbye 2k8! Welcome 2k9!

Wow. Its already 2009, and the fact is each time a year comes i felt that even its not my birthday i'm getting old. yeah, but i'm happy being in this world for about 15 yrs already is such a blessing.

Well, I'm expecting a lot from 2009 in my life ryt now coz before i dont expect a lot from 2008. haha. so now, i'll be. Coz sometimes i believe in what others says that *Expect the unexpected*

But please, i dont want it to be bad. huhu, i can get emotional easilye. who wants bad things to happen? i'm terribly rejecting it.. i dont want to.. *pleeeeeasseee*

so back to my topic again, i'm expecting a lot from 2k9 like:

* be a better person(i dont say that i'm that bad, coz i know i'm not perfect and never will i so atleast go for the better)
* stop being lazy(coz i'm sooooo lazy tlaga, ouch.)
* be more mature(think before you act, okay?)
* treasure the things around you
* live my life to the fullest ( coz i should, ryt?)

** this are some of what i'm expecting from 2k9 for my life **

Now, everybody wants hopes in their life so here's mine:

* i hope that many blessings will come to me and to my family..
* i hope that i'll be spending more time to my family and friends..
* i hope i can survive with the trials that will come..
* i hope for a good health for myself and for my family..
* i hope that i can get the things that i really want. lols. (hindi nman sya luho e, gus2 ko tlga)
* and i hope i can get the best in my life..

and many more hope's i have..

year 2009, year of the ox.
"The better year and not the worst"
(my wish)