Wednesday, January 28, 2009

thank GOD :)

wehoooo. so aun, neun ko lng ibablog result ng exams ko. haha. tintmad kc akong mgblog, yan mhrap skin e. pgncmulan ko di ko mtapostpos. haha. can someone help me w/ that? lols.

so here it is, yeah. i passed all the exams not nerely all coz 2 or 3 subjects na lng ang di pa naibbgay but the 5 subjects that already given is the result was i PASSED. haha.
but i guess that i still and should improve it more.
dont want to tell my scores e. but still i passed it all, haha.

so aun, naman. hahah.

what's the latest?

wla nmang bago. haha, am i ryt?
lol. so there's a friend of mine who's friend is wla lng. haha.

sa skul na lng.
eun, my student teacher kmi this week.
masya(siguro) xang experience.
kc maiiexperience mong maging teacher.
besides, you will learn how to make a lesson plans, make your quizzes, make visual aids. and many more that the teacher only does.

iba kc ung experience nun. sa tingin ko,
hmm. some of my classmate wanted also to be a student teacher next school year..
well, me? oh. hmm. i want to try it but. i'm so nervous when its comes w/ those kinds of works. errr. nhihiya akong mgturo. haha. magreport na nga lng kinakabahan na ako e mgturo pa kaya sa mga kaschoolmate ko. hehe,
so, un lng nman ang opinyon ko duon e. hehe.

until my next blog.

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