Sunday, January 11, 2009

their still the champion:)

another story woke me up and make me realize this is reality. i have to accept the fact that things will not always go on what a person wants. it will always have the things that will hurt you to let you know or will wake you up that things will hurt when its not meant for you.
[ base on personal experience ]

ouch. i have to say this not just what happened to my favorite team. its just its also for the things that happened to me..

so back to my real topic.
this day, January 11,2009 a game between Barangay Ginebra Kings vs. San Miguel Beermen at around 6'o clock pm. The series is tied at 1-1 so its a do or die match,

one will go on to the next level and another will stop and go home to wait for the next conference.

to make the story 1st a little shorter,
First Half - The most highlight play that happened is that Olsen Racela was ejected after giving the flagrant foul penalty 2 on Jayjay Helterbrand. A big shock on the whole San Miguel ( i guess). So Ginebra, take advantage to the loss of Racela. They take the first half and did not give San Miguel a chance to lead. Ginebra was hot in outside shooting. Whenever they will shoot at 3pts in every corner, there will always be a shot that will enter whenever they will shoot.

Second Half - At the start still Ginebra take the lead, they lead as much as 21 big pts. But their outside shooting that almost killed the San Miguel gets cold. When the 4th quarter comes San Miguel get the chance to make the lead in a single digit. They had a great comeback on the Ginebra Kings. The game gets so tight that both teams must shoot every possesion they had. Ginebra due to the turnovers and the shots thats not falling, San Miguel bounce back in the last 3 minute and when the last 2 minutes comes they had a 5 pts lead. But still Ginebra didnt stop they continue and fight but still San Miguel won.


even this game means that this is the end of another series in the Philippine Cup but still doesnt mean its the end coz we all know that there is still another conference that will come.

I definitely salute each and every member of the team, even if the team is not complete you still give your best shots and got into the quarterfinals. its a big thing.

I saw the hardships that u've overcome and definitely i dont care what other people will tell about the team, All i know is that i love this team due to the spirit i found them. I saw the passion and the love you have in the game basketball. I saw the heart whenver you will play against any team.

The Never Say Die spirit you have is different from all others.
I will always be your fan and I will always consider you as a CHAMPION!
Ginebra will always be a CHAMPION!

I will wait for the next conference to see the complete line-up. The strong and a healthy line-up each and every fan waited. I will wait for the comeback of Mark "The Spark" Caguioa, your scoring punch I misses a lot.

I will definitely miss Barangay Ginebra for a moment. Because I know that you will always comeback and make a difference. GINEBRA, the crowd darling favorite. the most loved by the fans. The never say die attitude. Will definitely miss by the fans.

a forever ginebra fan,