Saturday, January 17, 2009


here it comes, our 3rd periodical test
the challenge of taking all those lessons you've learn in the quarter and to pass the exam.

awwww. it will be taken for 3 days and 3 exams a day of 1 hour and half in major subjects.
ouch, my headaches so much.

i have to study hard for this upcoming exam. i need to pass all the test because errrrrr. absolutely i need it. so many reasons i have to do that, of course no one wants to fail, right? especially, i made a promise to myself that i will do my best. omg, if not. terribly i have a consequence to deal w/.

no computer
no cellphone
no psp
no ipod
no everything

errrrrr. i will definitely follow it if i got really really low grades.

and of course if i got a good grade.
i've got something. haha. lols,

so i have to say a farewell goodbye for a moment.
i will not use my computer for about 4 days i think.
yeah, i need to concentrate.

so bbye, till my next blog.

--- nica ---

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