Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

1st post for the year 2009 :)

*i should blog this yesterday e, but our family had a party so i decided to blog it today 01/02/09* weee..

back to my topic..
Happy New Year! Happy Happy New Year! Happy New Life!

Goodbye 2k8! Welcome 2k9!

Wow. Its already 2009, and the fact is each time a year comes i felt that even its not my birthday i'm getting old. yeah, but i'm happy being in this world for about 15 yrs already is such a blessing.

Well, I'm expecting a lot from 2009 in my life ryt now coz before i dont expect a lot from 2008. haha. so now, i'll be. Coz sometimes i believe in what others says that *Expect the unexpected*

But please, i dont want it to be bad. huhu, i can get emotional easilye. who wants bad things to happen? i'm terribly rejecting it.. i dont want to.. *pleeeeeasseee*

so back to my topic again, i'm expecting a lot from 2k9 like:

* be a better person(i dont say that i'm that bad, coz i know i'm not perfect and never will i so atleast go for the better)
* stop being lazy(coz i'm sooooo lazy tlaga, ouch.)
* be more mature(think before you act, okay?)
* treasure the things around you
* live my life to the fullest ( coz i should, ryt?)

** this are some of what i'm expecting from 2k9 for my life **

Now, everybody wants hopes in their life so here's mine:

* i hope that many blessings will come to me and to my family..
* i hope that i'll be spending more time to my family and friends..
* i hope i can survive with the trials that will come..
* i hope for a good health for myself and for my family..
* i hope that i can get the things that i really want. lols. (hindi nman sya luho e, gus2 ko tlga)
* and i hope i can get the best in my life..

and many more hope's i have..

year 2009, year of the ox.
"The better year and not the worst"
(my wish)

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