Sunday, December 28, 2008

2k8 is about to end :(

after all, 2008 is about to end. really, i was just about to say that it was too fast. but no, really. time is like that. its just a blink of an eye(correct me if i'm wrong? that's my interpretation. too fast)

2008? it was amazing. wonderful.adventurous. many words to described how my 2k8 had been.

many unforgettable moments happened.

-being a 3rd year hs student is a blessing already.
-being the president of my class (iii-modesty)
-being 15 yrs. old
& having my parents here at my bday. & having a simple celebration
-being a person who is more matured(i think)
-being able to watch the pba lve game @ my place(Batangas City)
-being w/ my frends just to stroll (fortitude)

and many more moments, i cant recall.

but still, despite of my happiness. there still sadness in it.
i lost my grandfather but i hope that he is a better cndition ryt now w/ God.

my christmas dis year, was just almost as an ordinary and normal day for me as usual.
my parents wasnt here. =( and i understand it. maybe next time. next time, they will be here.

** all i hope that this 2k9 if its not the best, it would be a very good year for me, my family and my friends.**
** still my wish, i hope it will come true**


  1. I wish that you have good health always. :) love you sis nix! God bless!

  2. tnx ate thania, i wish u the same. ^^ ily!

  3. Happy new year sis! Happy new life! xD

  4. happy new year din ate grace! ^^ yeah, happy new life :)