Monday, August 31, 2009

countdown. :)

i do still have a hang over to our retreat.
that retreat was so memorable, so much. i really love it!
i'm so happy w/ bene now! weeeee.

so after the retreat, i'm so happy to start the countdown of my bday.
and now its down to 11!

11 days to go and its my bday.
:) love it.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

retreat :)

august 27-28, 2009
one of the most memorable days in my 4th year life.

it was so memorable, as in super duper.
pasimula pa lng tlga,
to detailed what happened:

usapan namin ay 11 sa skul dahil nga were going to have our lunch together. libre kc ung ulam namin crispy pata from one of our classmate then rice na lang bibilhin namin. tas e ung isa kong kaklc ai nagdala ng softdrinks tas ung isa naman nanlibre ng ice cream. hahaha! so yummy afternoon tlga un,

tas e un na its time for our trip na so dalawang jeep un, so tig'dalawa daw officers bawat jeep. and then lead ng prayer ako, after ng prayer. grabe ang ingay tlga, ahaha. ansya e!

at around almost 3 pm nkratng kmi sa capuchin, lipa. so orientation muna about some guidelines there. so after nun, pnta na sa mga room. 3 person per room me dalawahan ung mga pahuli. my room mate were reianne and jazie and our room is 225 :)

after nun, nagmirienda kami and then as always picture picture kmi. haha.
we do love pictures baby!

hndi ko na maxdo idedetail ung mga ngyri, mxdo kcng mhba. haha! iun, bsta. nung 27 e, nanuod kmi ng movie tas ngconfession tas ngbasa ng sulat. aun,

ahaha. tas 28 na, last daw na. awwww.
we had our mass then ngpicture pra sa souvenir tas we had an activity pa din.
aun lang,

e2 lang tlga mashashare ko.
sobrang saya kasama ang benevolence! hahaha! sarap tumakbo sa my corridor! sarap magtaguan! ahahha!
love you bene!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

excited about our retreat!

i'm always saying this for the past blogs i've made.
i'm a 4th yr student.
so what's about it? hmm. the topic is RETREAT! every 4th yr student in our school and some others too (i guess) will be having their retreat.
were going to have our retreat on august 27-28'09 at Lipa City, Batangas.

i'm so very excited coz i've been hearing different comments about their retreat and their all saying that it was really fun. a totally memorable for a 4th yr student. and you will be able to be so close to your class.
i dont question our closeness right now. Benevolence, my section, was great. its as if we have known each other for a very long time. we easily blend to each other that's why we are so noisy. OMG! it was just AWESOME! haha. i love them na!

so back to my topic,
retreat, i'm so much excited about it. i've already packed my bag as what our adviser told us. we are preparing for it and we really wanted to have a very nice retreat so we must treasure the things that will happen in our much awaited retreat.
we've even decided to have our class tshirt for the retreat. i just hope that all our waiting will be worthy because of what will happen to our retreat. weeee!

** sana maging masaya ako, kami! **

Friday, August 14, 2009

1st pt -- OVER!

our 1st periodical test is over, yey!
mabilis na nman ang takbo ng oras naming 4th yr. start na ng 2nd grading. awww. den 3rd tas 4th tas grgraduate na. wooo. ang bilis!

pero sana tlga maenjoi ko ang 4th yr kko. masaya ako sa mga kaklase ko. haha. tas dmi ring mga new friends. that was nice! hahaha!

ok. seriously tlga, kelangan ko ng mag-aral ng ayos. haha. this is not a just a game, but i should win this one. so un, more powers skin. hehe. goodluck! haha.

2nd grading -- here you come! hehe.