Wednesday, May 27, 2009

- ganito tlga ang buhay^^

i always wonder why life is like this,
people wish for things for them to have and after getting it,
its seems like their still incomplete..

i guess true happiness is not based on whatever you've wish came true but on how you accept things that it was supposed to be..

parang ganto, magiging masaya ka lang kung tatanggapin mong mabuti na masaya ka sa nangyari hndi un na iicpin mo lang na ala may kulang pa hndi pa ko masaya. hndi ganun, kc nasau na nga bkt ka pa hndi mgging masaya?

ganyan ang buhay ngaun,

pero bkit nga ganun no? sometimes you already have everything, if not everything, the things that you want but still when after looking at it for a very long time still not happy the way it goes.. why?

lesson : be contented and happy to what you have and it will surely lead you to a happy life..