Thursday, January 1, 2009



(001) Your gender: Female

(002) Straight/gay/bi?: straight

(003) Single?: yes,

(004) Want to be?: a better person..

(005) Age?: 15

(006) Age you wish you were: 18 lols.

(009) The color of your eyes: brownish

(010) Piercings: dont have..

(012) Tattoos: wla rin e..


(013) Smoke: nope,

(015) Read the newspaper: yep..

(017) Talk to strangers who IM you: yep..

(018) Take walks in the rain: yep..

(019) Drive: nope..

(020) Like to drive fast?: if i woluld given a chance, nope.

(021) Hurt yourself: why should i?terribly noooo.


(022) Been out of the country: yep, and i want to go back there.

(023) Been in love: that's not love. nope,

(024) Done drugs: ewwwwww. noooooo,

(025) Gone skinny dipping: nope.

(026) Had a surgery: nope.

(027) Ran away from home: almost, but not quite. lols.

(028) Played strip poker: nope. dont even know how.

(029) Gotten beat up: nope,

(031) Been on stage: yep.

(032) Slept outdoors: not in our house? yep. yep.

(034) Pulled an all-nighter: nope.

(036) Talked on the phone all night: noooo..

(038) Slept all day: nooo..

(039) Killed someone: nooooo. i will nver do that,

(040) Made out with a stranger: nope..

(041) Had sex with a stranger?: nooooooo. ewwwww.

(042) Kissed the same sex: on cheeks..

(043) Done anything sexual with the same sex? none..

(044) Been betrayed: yes, ouch.

(045)Broken the law: family law?school law?haha. i think.

(047) Been on radio/tv: yeah, whenever were watching the video record.

(048) Been in a mosh-pit: nope.

(049) Had a nervous breakdown: nope.

(050) Been criticized about your sexual performance: nope.

(051) Had a dream that kept coming back: yeah?

(052) Favorite shoe brand?: dont have fave..

(053) Favorite music: as of the moment, hanging by a moment, far away, love story, bye bye.

(054) Wear hats: nope.

(055) Judged other people by their clothing: noooo.

(057) Are you trendy: slight,


(058) Life on other planets: sometimes. haha. lols,

(059) Miracles: its questionable, if i see it. i will.

(060) Astrology: slight.

(061) Magic: nooo. the magic i only believe in is the magic of LOVE

(062) God: YES, of course.

(063) Love: yeah,

(064) Ghost: yes.

(065) Rebirth: nope.

(066) Love at first sight: nope.

(067) Ying and Yang?: nope. sorry.

(068) Witches: nope..

(069) The Easter Bunny: nopee..

(071) Do you consider love a mistake: no.

(072) What do you find romantic: you are in a beach w/ sum1, holding hands, and the watch the sunset. awww.

(074) Turn-offs: bad attitudes..

(075) Do you base your judgement on looks alone: nope.

(076) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone and physically unattracted?: i think.

(077) What is best about the opposite sex?: attitude.

(078) What is the last present someone got you?: last present that i gave? money. in my inaanak. haha.

(079) Do you like/love someone?: yes, only like but not love.


(080) That you laughed at: my cousins..

(081) That laughed at you: my tita..

(082) That turned you on: a friend, c ano. lols. kidding,

(082.5) That kissed you: lola..

(083) That you went shopping with : tita..

(084) To disappoint you: c ano din. lols,

(085) To make you cry: yung sa tv. awww.

(086) To brighten up your day: family. friends.

(087) You saw a movie with: tita martha and couz steven.

(088) You talked to on the phone: mama and papa..

(090) You talked to on text message: forgot who,

(091) Your best friend(s): Yeye, Grace, SECRETS, JCLAZ

(092) Smiled: me. lols.

(093) Laughed: ako huli tumawa. haha. see?

(094) Cried: ung nasa tv.

(095) Bought something: my couz, i ask her.

(096) Danced: cousin,

(097) Who is your crush: pba? Mark Caguioa. yeah,

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