Friday, January 2, 2009

Text Qoutes

- mga forwarded text qoutes sa akin, i feel like sharing ang gaganda kasi. tnx sa mga nagagawa nito -

Love Qoutes (English):

Letting go of sum1 u luv is not easy,
but there are tyms dat u need 2 give way..
let go..
not bcoz u wanted dat way,
but bcoz its more painful
2 hang on & w8 for nothing..

Love is much like a
you take the risk,
face the pain,
and yet plce it in a special part of you.
and when the time comes
that you need to erase it,
you have to endure again the pain and realize
that it will forever leave a scar that will always
remind you,
that you once had a tattoo.
a tattoo that for sometime symbolized
something so speacial..

"i can always take care of myself,
but still, i want to meet the person who
can prove to me that

i can't.."

Its easy to answer the questions..

"are you happy with me?"

"am i important to you?"

"do you love me?"

but it gets hard when we ask..

"until WHEN?"

as you dance,
you feel tired.

it only means you gave your best..

just like in love,
when toy feel tires of loving..

it only means you gave your best..

"I dont need someone whose perfect.
All i need is someonge, doing nothing..
and yet,

keeps me fallin.."

Maybe people need to be numb at times..

its like a defibrilator thats shocks the
heart to stop for a while..

2 give it a chance to beat again..


on its own..

There are two things every woman
wants to know about her man:

"First - That her man really loves her.

Second - That he's never going to stop."

"If he ask me how many times he entered my mind,
i'd be lying if i say many, coz he entered only once..

since then..

... he never came out"

"waiting for the right time may not always
be the smart thing to do..

bcoz sometimes,

the wrong moment could be the most perfect of all."

is very easy..

is a challenge..

is the hardest part..


is a damn suicide..

its so easy to lay down your heart to someone
you feel you're falling for..

what's hard is when they pick it up

and give it back to you..

dont overuse your heart
trying to look for the one you think
you deserve..

you should save the best part of you
for the person who deserves you,
someone who came the time you

didnt search..

its funny how someone
can break your heart into a
million pieces..

and yet you still love that person

with all the little pieces

its so much easier to say
that you dont love sum1

than to try to explain to every1
all the reasons why

you still do..

you have to let go
wen u feel your hurting too much..

you have to give up
wen luv isnt enuf..

you have to move on
wen things aint like b4..

coz for sure

drs sum1 out der
hul luv u even more! ..

they say past is past..

we need to move on

2 see the future..


how can we move on?

wen r past is the only things

we ever wanted in

the future?

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