Thursday, December 31, 2009

welcome 2010! :)

Good Morning! Its January 1, 2010 and its the start of a new year!

I've been expecting something good, fruitful and prosperous year ahead of me. I should think positive in every little things I'm going to do to help me achieve my goal, ryt? I want to forget the bad memories i had in the year 2009. Those memories that was supposed to be forgotten. That memories that made feel like i was a bull shit in this world. That made me feel like i was the most unlovable creature living on earth. I want to forget those. So, I'm thinking and hoping that this year will be different.

What are my wishes this year?

First of all, my very very wish is to pass all the entrance exam that i took. my very wish to be able to go to my dream school.
Second, To have a good grade this 4th yr hs, i'm graduating student so i must or i should have a better grade than my last year's card.
Third, was to have a good health for myself and for my family and for the continuous blessings to come.
Fourth, to be able to find a happiness from people that surrounded me.
Fifth, To be able not to be hurt again by those persons whom i thought wouldn't hurt and do that to me.
Sixth, for me to realize that i have something within me that others do not have, so i must not be jealous for what they are, who they are and what they can. Because i know that within me i will, i have, i can and i would do all those things whom they thought i cannot do.
Seventh, for the princess to finally found her happily ever after. For the princess to finally found his prince charming.
And most of all, The eight is for my wishes to all come TRUE.

May this year be able to guide me to the path where i can see a better future. I pray that this year to be prosperous to me and all the people in this world. And to all the things that happened last year, maybe this serve as a learnings from each and everyone to be able to face the year 2010 w/ strength and courage. May we live in peace and happiness for a better world.

Welcome 2010!

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