Saturday, December 26, 2009

before this year ends :)

belated merry christmas and a prosperous new year, readers! :)

This year has been an up and down for me. There was a good times and bad but it doesn't mean that i didn't like this year. I guess I become productive this year to myself. My confidence boost a little more and I learned many things this year, isnt it great? right?

But it will not be complete without the presence of my loved ones.

Special thanks to my Family, whose always there for me. Who treats very very well and for teaching me the right things to do. I love you all!:)

For my friends[esp. JCLAZ-MODESTY-Monday pips], through thick and thin, thank you! For accepting me as who i am. For letting me share my life to all of you. For being a good listener. thanks! i so much learn something from all of you!

For my section this year, IV-Benevolence, a bunch of thanks! For trusting me to be your President, it means a lot to me. For helping me to achieve more w/ all of you. For teaching me the things i should as your classmate, schoolmate and a leader. Thank you!

and to all that become part of my life,

and as i right my last blog this 2009.
i wish that as 2009 works well to me my 2010 will give me more things to thank for :)

love lots,
claui. :)

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