Friday, April 10, 2009

life. life. life. :)

its been a while since i've blog here.
aaaa, dont know what's wrong with me for not blogging here more often,

well, now i'm back again to share my thoughts of view about life.

time is passing so fast.
memories should be treasured and remembered.
live your life to the fullest.

so what's about my life now?
yeah, i can say that i'm already a 4th yr student even though i'm not yet enrolled but my report card had been released and i'm 3 days away from being enrolled to the same school i start my education.
isnt it so fast? it was just like i was a kindergarten but now i'm a 4th yr hs student and will eventually study in college, aaaah. life's to fast (its not just i'm thinking ahead but i should).
and this was really life.

i might still be a child in my ways but i know when and where to be mature. i follow what they want and i believe that its best for me so i do believe in them. i'm so hinge na ng hinge sa kanila but, haha. dey dont easily give me what i want coz its too expensive. haha. duh? ganu ga nga nman kamahal ang laptop(sony pa), iphone at kung2. haha. tsk. sooo baddd! i know in time i will have those and i believe that i need to work hard for me to have those things. i sooo love my FAMILY!!!

just like any person in the world. i also do have, but as what my friends and myself do knows about me. i treat every problem just like a piece of cake to eat. haha. ganun nga ata ako, hmm. prang walang problema pero meron din nman, hndi sa hndi ko snsbi o pinapkita. alam ko nmang kaya ko pa kaya ganun. why let others be burden with me or w/ my problem? kaya ko pa. hehe. if not, that's the time i asked for help.
** i, you, & we just need to be strong and most of all have FAITH on HIM(GOD)..

to be continued....

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