Sunday, November 16, 2008

another win and many more to come!

i just wanted to blog. haha. (can you give me this time?) lols.

this is the 1oth game of ginebra. and in this 1oth game, they won. 4 wins and 6 losses. not bad, they are just starting! well, i believe in what they can do! i'll support them all the way! weeee.

i'm always wishing that i can see mark caguioa wearing his jersey and playing in the court, but still he can't play due to his injury. i just miss him!

back to the business, weee. the game went super close in the 1st-3rd quarter and almost 4th quarter. how many deadlocks they had? (i dont know. but i know, madami din xa.) but thank GOD na nung almost 2 mins o 1 min na lng, nklmang cla ng 10 ata, and then aun. weeee. nanalo na! buti na lng din ndi cla naubusan ng energy nung 4th quarter. nice! *smile*

but still i admire Purefoods for giving a nice game to Ginebra.

weeee. i admire the team! hehe. i'm just happy, and please dont criticize me being happy w/ just a win. lols, please let me express my emotions. okay?

again, again, again. i miss MC47!haha.

another one, i salute Jayjay Helterbrand so much! weee. an galing mo tlga! miss ko na tandem nio ni MC, ung assist mo sknya. waaah. ung tulungan nio. hai,

most of all, i thank the whole team! weee. you gave me so much happiness!
Never Say Die!

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